• Kaptite and Ubiquiti Unifi

    Just configure it.

    Integrate with Ubiquiti Unifi

    Our portal is compatible with wireless networks from Ubiquiti's Unifi series. Although the Unifi Controller software already has an extensive range of authentication mechanisms like voucher, paid access, Facebook and Google there is still one method missing: SMS!


    If you want to allow to let your users connect to your network by simply receiving a code via SMS you're out of luck until now. Kaptite offers just this missing functionality. Just connect our cloud-hosted captive portal to your on-premise Unifi Controller and you are good to go.

  • How It Works

    All you need is an operational and internet connected Unifi Controller


    Create a user

    Since our cloud-hosted portal will need a way to authorize your users we need a use to use the Controller's API


    Configure external portal server

    In the Guest settings of the Controller you will configure an external portal with the ip and url of your cloud-hosted portal


    Set Pre-authentication

    You'll need to add the hostname of your cloud-hosted portal to the pre-authenticated access control so that your users can be forwarded


    Install the Kaptite proxy

    Since the Controller's API can control the entire hardware we created a small proxy application that you need to install. This will only provide access to the part of the API we need. Nothing Else!

  • Unifi Controller

    Choose your option of running the software

    Host it yourself

    With support for windows, linux and mac

    The broad OS support allows you to either run it on physical or virtual machines and even in the cloud!

    Unifi Cloud Key

    plug-and-play appliance running the controller software

    Just plug this device in a free port of one of your switches and you are good to go.