• Let your guests access your

    Wifi network with a simple sms

    Our Captive portal in the cloud offer is adaptable to your needs

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  • Features

    Adapt the portal to your look-n-feel

    Change the background

    Make it blend with your company house style

    We provide an out of the box portal for you to connect, but should you wish you can change the background to even more identify the portal with your company.


    Customize the language of the interface

    Don't like our default text, no worries! Besides changing the language you can also change the texts yourself

    It's your network

    We only provide your guests with access

    You decide how long you want a guest to have access to your network. You can configure the amount of time you want.

    Hosted in the cloud

    No need to install any additional software or hardware

    You only configure your existing Wifi solution to connect to our portal in the cloud and we will take care of the rest.

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  • Getting Started

    It's all configuration and no installation!



    You first register for an account with Kaptite



    You'll configure things like "Welcome Text", logo image, background and more



    You integrate our captive portal in the cloud into you Unifi Controller using the settings provided

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